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SpillTech Solutions is a leading provider of marine waste removing devices.

Clean water and pristine beaches are essential for a healthier and happier future. At our company, we specialize in providing custom-made solutions to tackle these pressing issues. Our dedicated team is committed to developing innovative technologies and strategies that efficiently clean water sources and maintain the beauty of our beaches. Through our expertise and cutting-edge research, we aim to tackle pollution, remove contaminants, and restore the natural balance of our ecosystems. By implementing our tailored solutions, we strive to create a sustainable environment where communities can thrive and enjoy clean and safe water resources. With a vision for a brighter future, we work tirelessly to ensure that future generations can experience the joy of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

selective focus photography of bottle drifted on shore
selective focus photography of bottle drifted on shore
black sealion on net
black sealion on net

It is high time that we start taking marine pollution seriously and recognize the urgent need to address this pressing issue. Our planet is at stake, and it is our responsibility to act now. We possess the knowledge and tools required to combat this detrimental problem, but we cannot do it alone. We need your support and assistance to help protect our oceans, marine life, and overall ecosystem. By joining hands, we can make a significant difference and create a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. It is time to step up and take action. Together, let's work towards a world free from marine pollution and ensure the survival and sustainability of our planet.

PortBin TrashTrawl

PortBin TrashTrawl is an innovative waste collection system that utilizes the natural flow of the river to gather larger quantities of trash.

Our Cleaners

PortBin Tide
PortBin Tide XL

PixieDrone is a drone that collects floating waste. Remote-controlled or operating fully autonomously, it allows you to quickly take action after identifying waste collection areas.

The innovative system of collecting floating marine waste in the ports.

The system effectively collects the debris in designated "debris bays" using large 1000 litre bigbags.


The first of its kind: beach-cleaning robot. Cleans the beach without affecting wildlife.

Collec’Thor attracts and collects all solid and liquid waste floating on the water’s surface.

InvisiBubble is a bubble curtain that purifies the water, redirects debris and sediment, contains the spread of hydrocarbons and protects surrounding wildlife.

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